Cranioplasty is a common, but formidable surgical procedure for neurosurgeons, in patients with scalp and / or calvarial defects. This procedure can be simple or complex. The main objectives of cranioplasty are: To achieve primary wound healing, obliterate dead space, and seal off sterile cranial areas from contaminated oronasal cavities, to restore the normal nike basketball barriers protecting the intracranial structures (together with a satisfactory cosmetic result) and obtain a permanent or very durable reconstruction, using biologically inert materials, and also to restore the aesthetics. The greatest problem is selecting the optimum material for repair of the cranial defect.

Many synthetic substitutions of the nike dfo brisbane dura and bone are often used for reconstruction of the skull base; unfortunately, these… methods bear significant disadvantages and can induce chronic inflammation, carry a high risk of infection, and are inferior to biological sources in terms of strength and sealing quality [with the exception of some materials, such as titanium mashes and CortossTM (Orthovita┬«, Malvern, USA), which are seen to have more strength than the thin split thickness calvarial bone]. The primary aim of this article is to review the basic principles to use the split calvarial graft for the reconstruction of the skull defect.

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